Is Massage Bad for Shingles?


Those suffering from severe internal pain should immediately consult a doctor. Those with lung cancer or an abscess should refrain from getting a massage. Additionally, it is not recommended for massage to be performed on individuals infected with contagious diseases, such as colds, flu, and sore throats.

Although many people can benefit from a massage, some restrictions prevent patients from receiving it due to their safety. For instance, in some cases, patients must wait until the condition has progressed to the point where it affects the entire body before receiving treatment. 

Getting treatment as soon as possible is essential to prevent long-term pain and inflammation. According to experts, a massage can help people with shingles feel better, but it can also cause them to develop a long-term itch.

In other cases, massage therapy is not recommended for a specific part of the body. Although it can help our bodies in many ways, it is only sometimes recommended for some body areas.

Is it Bad to Have a Massage If You Have Shingles?

Is it Bad to Have a Massage If You Have Shingles?

A strange complication can develop in a woman who has been taking shiatsu, a type of Japanese massage technique. They will develop shingles after experiencing severe nerve pain and skin flare-ups. Experts say the pressure exerted during the treatment might have caused the virus to grow and spread.

Since shingles attacks usually last for several days or weeks, many people avoid having a massage therapist or other people touch them. However, deep tissue massage is a type of therapy that can benefit people suffering from various conditions.

The study conducted on 31 men suffering from ankylosing Spondylitis showed that deep-toil massage could reduce pain levels.

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Why is it Bad to Have a Massage When you Have Shingles?

The effects of neuralgia can cause functional and structural damage to the nerves. It can feel like a burning or stabbing pain radiating along the affected nerve. 

Although an external stimulus does not cause it, neuropathic pain is usually triggered by the presence of scar tissue and nerve pressure. When the varicovirus, known as herpes-varicella, goes back into action, it triggers nerve impulses to the brain.

Experience Discomfort

Deep tissue massage can cause people to feel discomfort, especially when the therapist is targeting specific areas. Sometimes, a patient requires assistance to get the massage done. 

Regular one-hour sessions with a professional therapist can help individuals with neuropathy improve their condition. They can also relieve the sensation caused by nerve damage.

Massage can help patients relieve their symptoms and improve their overall health during nerve damage. One of the conditions that can be partly treated through this form of therapy is neuropathic massage therapy. However, it is essential to note that not all nerve injuries can be treated through this method.

How To Relieve the Symptoms of Shingles?

Although most people with shingles infections can still perform daily activities, they can also rate their pain to help them decide when and how they should avoid doing certain activities. A pain rating scale can help you determine which activities are most likely to cause you pain.

Choose an Experience Therapists

If you are suffering from nerve damage and require massage therapy, it is important to choose an experienced therapist instead of a paramedic. Although a healthcare professional can perform the procedure, a trained therapist can identify the areas of the body that need massage therapy the most. 

To treat shingles, massage therapy can help prevent the condition from happening in the first place.

Even with the appropriate clothing, shingles can cause severe pain and sensitivity to the skin. The condition, caused by the varicozoster virus, can also numb the skin. If left untreated, it can lead to severe pain. If you have chickenpox, you are at risk of getting shingles. 

When Do Shingles Usually Occur?

Those who have previously been infected with the same virus that caused chickenpox can get shingles. Some people recently got a painful and debilitating condition because of this. It usually appears as a rash on one side of the body and can sometimes become a persistent itch.

Why is it Bad to Have a Massage When you Have Shingles?

The painful and debilitating condition known as shingles is caused by the re-activation of the varicer virus, which has been dormant in one’s nerves for a long time. It can be triggered by stress or other factors. Also referred to as chickenpox, this disease affects adults over 50 years old.

What Happens If You Get Shingles?

People over 60 years old who are infected with the varicella-zoster virus can develop PHN. It is crucial to treat shingles early to reduce the risk of getting this condition. Initially, shingles can be confused with other conditions such as appendicitis, migraines, and heart attacks. 

Most patients with these conditions will need immediate relief from a massage therapist. People with these conditions who start experiencing pain at the initial stage should consult a massage therapist.

Furthermore, masseurs typically do not see active cases in their offices due to how severe the discomfort can be. Even just a breeze can cause severe pain, and people may experience extreme pain in certain areas. 

While massage therapy can help treat nerve damage, it has also been known to lead to the development of active shingles. Massage therapists [1] should request that their clients get medical clearance before any treatment to minimize the risk.

Can Massage Prevent Early Signs of Shingles?

In the case of fungal infection, massage is generally considered to be completely unsuitable. But, if the client has taken the prescribed medication for their condition, and the disease is small and absorbable, the procedure can be performed elsewhere on the body. 

If the client has shingles but has not been diagnosed, and the therapist has chickenpox, the infection risk is minimal.

Are Shingles Contagious?

Confusion sometimes prevails regarding the contagious nature of shingles, as the blisters are usually full of viruses. 

Although people who have been vaccinated against chickenpox can protect themselves from the virus, an adult who has not been exposed to varicogen can still acquire it. This means that an initial shingles-like or chickenpox infection could occur.

Some people get chickenpox several times. The truly unfortunate individuals, significantly immunocompromised individuals, are prone to get shingles more than once.

Do Shingles Get Severe?

You must avoid triggers that aggravate your skin when you have shingles. Taking antiviral medications can help decrease the severity and length of the illness. However, it is also essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid certain habits that can worsen the condition.

Not getting enough rest, excessive stress, and taking on too many tasks can lead to pain. The NIATrusted Source says that scratching and picking at the rash can delay the healing process and increase the risk of bacterial infection.

Before applying calamine lotion or a bandage, make sure to avoid letting the rash completely dry. Also, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight to irritate the skin. However, if you plan on wearing this type of garment, make sure to bandage the affected areas.

Physical activities or activities that involve sweating can also cause friction and irritation on the skin. Running is one of these activities.


Although the virus is under control in your body, as you get older, your immune system might weaken, which could lead to shingles in a localized area. According to dermatology experts, shingles can cause systemic symptoms such as fever, chills, and joint pain.

Changing your lifestyle and avoiding stressful situations can help speed up healing. In addition, lower-intensity exercise can help decrease pain.

Although most people can monitor their activity levels, you must speak with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions. They can help determine the appropriate exercise and activity level for people with shingles. 

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