How Can Chair Massaging Deal With PTSD?


If you are a trauma victim, you may want to return to your life as usual or plan to kill yourself. But before you commit to a certain solution, it is important to think about the other possible ways to get out of your trauma. Many things can help you get back on track and live a more beautiful life.

Ever wonder if a massage chair can help someone get out of their trauma? Most people will likely laugh at this idea, but if you ask a knowledgeable individual, they will tell you it is possible. A massage chair has enough power to help you get back on track and avoid experiencing any further trauma. It can be used for various reasons, such as relaxing and calming the mind.

How Can Massage Chair Deal with Trauma Sufferers?

The effects of a traumatic incident on the victims’ minds are often visible. They can develop various mental disorders, such as anxiety and stress. Besides being able to alleviate these issues, a massage can also help the victims deal with their brain nerves.

After a psychiatrist’s examination, you will likely learn that massage can help release stress and anxiety. It can also help you easily and efficiently deal with post-traumatic stress. 

How Do You Care for People with PTSD?

How Do You Care for People with PTSD?

The care of trauma victims should be handled with the utmost care as they continue to be mentally unstable. Their thoughts must be managed properly in order to get them back to a normal life. Unfortunately, some family members do not provide the proper mental support.

At this point, you should not feel helpless. Instead, try chair-massaging to relieve yourself of all the negative thoughts that are torturing and bothering you. This is a relatively harmless procedure that can help you get over your problems.

Does Whole Body Massage Help?

A whole-body massage can help release tension and stimulate the blood flow in the body. It can also help prevent injuries and improve the body’s overall health. Only trained and experienced therapists are needed to perform the procedure correctly.

Your mind and body are getting the same amount of relaxation when you are getting relaxed. This is because it is an end to your accumulated stress. During a massage session, your mind will temporarily become empty, which will enable you to forget about the unpleasant experiences of your life.

How Does a Massage Chair Help a Person with PTSD?

How Does a Massage Chair Help a Person with PTSD?

Negative thoughts will be put to rest, and you will feel lighter in your heart and mind. This can be achieved through proper routines and the use of a systematic method.

Aside from being able to provide a good massage, therapists should be very friendly to their clients. This will allow them to interact properly and convince the patients to have these sessions.

The use of flexible massage chairs is regarded as one of the main accessories of a massage session, as they can provide the body with the needed support and comfort. Healthy and controlled touch can stimulate the body’s natural responses, which helps remove past traumas. Erotic massaging is sometimes utilized at the client’s request to enhance sexual excitement.

Does Massage Chair Risky for People with PTSD?

Apart from treating a disturbed mental condition, a massage can also help with other health issues. This type of therapy helps people understand that they are not valueless. It can help them feel valued for what they are worth, and this can permanently end their feelings of insecurity and loneliness.

Your mind and body can be temporarily put to rest by relaxing massage, which can also help regulate your sleep issues. Unfortunately, many people experience severe sleep problems after experiencing traumatic events.

Chair massage is not at all threatening as it can help eliminate all the noises from your brain. It will also help you feel refreshed and ready to sleep at night. The vibrations from the massage will help your body and mind work in harmony.

There are different kinds of massage tools that will make you feel more relaxed in life and we will recommend some of the tools in the next section below.

TENS Accessories for Your Hands and Back

Many conditions can affect your hands, such as arthritis. Research has shown that TENS therapy can help treat this condition. So, If you are looking to take control of your pain, read our guide on the best TENS accessories.

1. Silver Conductive Gloves from the Conductive Therapy Shop

The Conductive Therapy Shop has created a pair of silver conductive gloves made with high-quality materials. They will deliver effective TENS treatment immediately to the source of your discomfort.

These gloves aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they are made from a durable silver thread. They’re great for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, as they can soothe and cover their painful fingers.

The design of these gloves is also good because they fit all types of hands. They are made to support all sizes, and the manufacturer is aware that they need an adapter to work with certain devices.

Pros and Cons

  • It can immediately deliver treatment
  • They are made from durable silver and thread
  • It can fit all kinds of hands
  • It is a bit expensive
  • It needs an adapter to work with certain devices

2. Konmed Silver Conductive Massage Gloves

Konmed’s simple pair of gloves is an alternative to Conductive Therapy Shop’s more expensive products. The package includes a pair of soft gloves as well as a pair of conductive pads.

Although these gloves are cheaper than their competitors, the manufacturer claims they won’t fit larger hands. Some people who regularly use them stated that they were able to provide them with the best possible experience using the TENS machine.

Pros and Cons:

  • It is more affordable than any other
  • It has a perfect package
  • It can give you the full benefits of a TENS massage
  • It cannot fit all kinds of hand sizes
  • It mostly fitted only to small hands

Where to buy: Amazon

Over the years, there has been an increasing number of people suffering from back pain. Many of them are turning to TENS for their pain management.

3. PlayMakar Pod Wrap for Back or Abs

For those who use a wireless TENS unit and need to fix their electrodes, the PlayMakar Pod Wrap is an alternative. The disadvantage of this belt is that it doesn’t have a specially designed area for fixing electrodes.

This product is similar to a strap but holds wireless pods that you can use with the PlayMakar PRO Stimulator.

This might help some people carry on with their daily lives. However, for others, such as those with chronic back pain, it might not be enough.

Pros and Cons:

  • It is for everyone
  • It is effective for the abs and back
  • It gives the full benefits of TENS massage
  • It might do good enough for some people
  • It does not have a specially designed area to fix electrodes


You can now see a new perspective on life and feel more confident about moving forward. In addition, you will be able to leave behind the past and start moving confidently toward the future. One of the most important factors you can consider when starting a new life is chair massage. Not only will it help you feel better, but it will also help you connect with those who have already experienced the benefits of this type of therapy.

Old thoughts that are bothering you can be easily put to rest by having a good massage, and it can help you relax. Not only does it help you get rid of them, but it also purifies and reinvigorates your spirit. You can take your massage chair with you on a trip to a different world, and your fantasies will now be able to take off.

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