Why is My Massage Table Peeling?


If you notice a peeling or flaking surface on your massage table, it could be a sign that the product is delaminating, which could be costly to fix. However, it could also be a sign that the paint has damaged the actual leather or vinyl.

If the area around the table has chipped away, it might be a composite or synthetic material that is delaminating due to water absorption. If the grain and material are intact, and the beads on the surface are undamaged, it just needs to be refinished.

So, do you have a peeling massage table? If so, this article will explain why and how to fix it.

However, before going into more detail about massage table peeling, let us first address many people’s misconceptions about this topic. The only thing that can be said about this is that it must be something that is wrong with your table.

So, if you notice that your massage table is peeling, then it is important that you immediately contact the owner of the shop where you purchased it or a massage therapist. Doing nothing will only worsen the issue.

What is the Reason for Table Massage Peeling?

When the top surface of your massage table gets too hot, it can cause the vinyl covering to peel. This can happen due to the heat from the body during the session. The same issue can also occur with a heated table.

Besides, you should never attempt to remove the vinyl cover of your massage table as it can damage it. You could also end up breaking it, and if you notice that the table has started to peel, it is important that you immediately stop using it. The replacement of the table is required.

Fixing Massage Table Peeling

Fixing Massage Table Peeling

After we talk about the issue you are experiencing with the massage table, we can go now to fixing it. But, before you can start the process of getting the repairs done, you must find an experienced therapist who knows how to fix massage tables.

If you replace the vinyl covering of the massage table without fixing the structural issue, then it will cause the problem to recur. You’ll have to pay a fee for the procedure to be completed.

In order to get the peeling issue fixed on your massage table, you need to remove the old vinyl cover. The next step is to clean the table thoroughly. Make sure you use soap and water to remove the dirt and grime.

You must then wipe the entire massage table. After that, you must apply disinfectant to the table. Make sure that you use a soft sponge or cloth to clean the table. Using a rough or sponge will damage the surface and prevent it from looking its best.

You should also thoroughly clean the corners and crevices of your massage table. Doing so will not only improve its appearance, but it will also keep the table bacteria-free. After that, you can apply some glue to the seams of the vinyl cover. Once everything is dry, you can put it back on.

Wait until the glue completely dries before using the massage table. Once it has dried, you can use it as usual.

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How to Fix Damaged Vinyl or Leather

You can also eliminate imperfections by removing bonded, fabricated, or faux leather. Polyester, split hide, and scrap leather are synthetics commonly used to make furniture.

They are not the same as vinyl but are known for their delaminating properties. This is something the industry refers to as “hydrolysis-related failure.”

There are usually damaged finishes on either leather or vinyl. And they can be corrected by using sandpaper and solvents. Here’s how:

  • Blend damaged finishes with a solvent that is denatured alcohol or a lacquer thinner. Acetotone is an alternative last resort, but be careful with this. Try to test the effectiveness of the first solution in an inconspicuous area. Some finishes may turn into a gooey mess, so using a sanding process is advisable to remove the affected areas.
  • Unlike regular sandpaper, wet or dry sandpaper will not stick to anything. Do not use anything less than 220 grit for either vinyl or leather and take care with stitching.
  • If the surface has been stripped or exposed to some form of surface damage, such as from sanding or stripping, then a thin coating of filler is needed to restore the integrity of the fiber.
  • The appearance of your surface can be restored with polyurethane. This product is made from a water-based acrylic formula that is more like a dye than a traditional coating. It is also more durable and will never flake or peel. Although its colors can change, regular touch-ups are not necessary to restore the appearance of your surface.

Upholstery of a Massage Table

Upholstery of a massage table is a relatively easy and inexpensive project that requires no prior knowledge. It can be done in just a couple of hours and can help one save money on their home. This guide will teach you how to reupholster a table.

Determine the type of material that you need to use

Choose a durable material such as vinyl, leather, or fabric for your project. Match the color of your furniture with the same shade. For instance, if you want to replace a wooden table frame with a metal one, choose a dark brown or black tone.

Choose the right tools

You will need a measuring tape, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a staple gun, which can be of different sizes. But before buying one, ensure the table is wide enough.

Remove other foreign matters and existing fabric

To remove staples from the surface of the table, use a pry bar. Then, using a sharp knife, cut away loose threads.

Using the scissors, cut the old fabric into pieces. Press it flat with a hot iron and fold over the corners.

Apply stain and add a new fabric

Cover the entire table with a coat of stain. Let it dry completely. After the stain has dried, use a layer of glue on the fabric’s backside. Then, align the edges of the piece of fabric by placing it face down on the table. Press firmly to secure the fabric around the table. Repeat this process with the other pieces of fabric.

Seal it using a Polyurethane

After attaching the various fabric pieces to the table, apply a layer of polyurethane. Let it dry completely. Then, add finishing touches such as legs, feet, and handles.

How Do You Protect Your Massage Table?

You can keep your massage table in good condition by following proper care. It can be cleaned, dried, and removed from its usual position at night to allow for proper airflow. It can also be exposed regularly to sunlight to kill harmful germs.


If you want to know the exact reason why my massage table has been peeling, you should first look at the floor. Since you use a massage table on the floor, you’re laying on top of a concrete base. Over time, the base will eventually wear away underneath the floor, allowing the surface to break apart.

The second possible reason why my massage table is peeling is the condition of the vinyl. This issue can be fixed by replacing it or by repairing it.


What is the difference between a massage table and Recliner?

Similar to massage table recliners can give people a chance to relax. This means that this is a method that will always make you feel comfortable as long as you won’t abuse it.

On the other hand, a massage table is an item that enables individuals to relax in every position they desire. On the other hand, a recliner allows people to rest comfortably while watching TV.

How to make your massage table more comfortable?

There are many ways to enhance the comfort of your massage chair, and one of these is by adding cushions. You can also ensure that the table is level, which can prevent you from experiencing discomfort and may damage your relaxation session.

How to replace the vinyl on a massage table?

You can easily replace the vinyl on your massager by taking off the old one and then applying some glue. After the glue has dried, you can put the new one back on.

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