Should You Eat Before A Massage ?


What if you are hungry but have a massage plan in less than half an hour before your appointment? Should you eat before a massage? When your tummy is growling, and you want to put something in your stomach because you are starving, the question is, is it okay to eat something just before your massage appointment?

Well, if I were to ask, I would answer that you should not get a big meal before your massage or in a few hours. You can eat but do not eat too much because you do not want to be too full, and yet you also do not want to feel hungry.

So, it is recommended to just eat a light meal an hour before your massage. You do not need to make yourself hungry just because you have an appointment for massage therapy. It is also best if you plan your appointment wisely in which it is not close to meal hour. Eating before the massage is something that you should consider but in moderation.

Reasons Why You Should Not Eat Before Massage

There are reasons why you should not eat just before your massage appointment.

Having a heavy meal before your massage could make you uncomfortable because of some reason. It may cause indigestion. A person’s body is designed to digest the food intake in an upright position, but as we all know, it takes some time. You might also feel that you are bloated if you eat a heavy meal, and it will feel like your tummy wants to burst out of your dress.

Taking too much food can make you feel out of energy, and it is not suitable before your massage session. It will make you tired without a proper reason why you just want to sleep, and if that happens, you will not enjoy the massage you look forward to.

Eating too much will make you go to the bathroom over and over. It will make you feel irritated too. In fact, eating too much can be not good even if you don’t have a massage session coming.

In fact, it is recommended not to eat 90 minutes before your scheduled massage session. Also, it is much better if you will take just a light meal just like we have mentioned earlier. Of course, digesting the food we eat will take some time. It has the exact same reason why you should not eat before exercising or swimming.

For additional information, when the digestive system is digesting that food we eat, it keeps blood away from our peripheral tissues as it concentrates on the digestive tract. This process can cause indigestion and possible stomach discomfort.

Of course, you want to enjoy and relax, that’s why you’re getting a massage. So, the least you can do is prepare yourself in advance to get the most benefits out of the massage.

What Are The Foods You Can Eat Before Your Message?

You have an appointment for a massage, but you suddenly feel hungry? In that case, you just need to eat a little so that you would not be hungry while you are into massage therapy.

Here are some suggestions of foods you can eat before your massage:

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables are healthy food for our body, and fruit is one of the best foods to take before your massage. They are also rich in vitamins aside from fiber. You can also choose any fruit you want. There are various kinds of fruit that will help you ease your hunger before your massage therapy.


Nuts are very light to our tummy, but they can relieve our hunger. Do not take too much. It can irritate your stomach. Nuts are a good snack to store because it is easy to take anywhere you go and will not take so much space in your refrigerator. It is great if you feel that you want to fill your tummy before your appointment massage. It is too easy to digest, and it will make you full for the time being during your massage.

Soya and Yogurt

Yogurt is known for its high probiotics together with calcium and also a high protein food that can enhance your guts microbiota. It has a variety of flavors where you can choose one. But, it also has a plain one if you want.

Soya is also one of the best foods you can take before your massage. As you may know, they are consumed as an alternative to meat. They are also the basis for making soya milk and tofu. It is also good for a light meal because of its high protein, and it will help you relieve your hunger before your massage.

Should You Eat After Your Massage?

There are certain times to eat, but if you know that you have an appointment for a massage, is it okay eating before a massage? Here are some guidelines for you to know what to do and not do before and after the massage therapy.

Before you have a massage, make sure to eat a light meal 2 hours before your appointment. It is easy to digest food if you eat certain light food such as nuts, yogurt, or fruits. You can also add to your meal soup and non-carbonated drinks or anything with sugar.

A perfect meal before a massage is fruits with high protein such as bananas and nuts like raw almonds.

Drink tons of water after your massage session. It can be an alternative to your hunger. It is better if you will drink more water than you originally drank. It will help you to flush out every toxin in your body. And also, you need to increase your water intake as much as possible for 24 hours after getting a massage.

Before your massage, do not eat a heavy meal because if you do, you might feel lethargic and tired. You also need to avoid taking alcohol before a massage or even drinking a lot of coffee that contains caffeine. They are also both diuretics. That’s why they have the opposite effect when you drink water.

After a massage you will gain a lot of benefits, you will have a relaxing feeling, which makes you feel stress-free. Besides, you can also say that it is your wonderful time alone.

Should you eat after a massage? Of course, you need to eat when you feel hungry, but only eat a light meal such as vegetables and fruits, or even steamed vegetables with pasta or rice. Just avoid eating a heavy meal. You can eat some chocolates if you want some sugar. It will help you improve your mood and will help reduce inflammation in your system.


Having massage therapy is great not just for our physical health but also for our mental health. When having massage therapy, it is like giving yourself some time to relax and it is like pampering yourself after exhausting day-to-day activities.

Yet, you should know what to do before and after getting a massage. It will be easy if you consult a professional therapist so that they can guide you to whatever you need to do.

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