What to Wear to a Massage Session & What to Expect


Your first massage session may be a bit unsettling for you, as you may not know what to wear. Once you enter the room, your therapist will instruct you to undress according to your comfort level. Although some people choose to remain completely naked, others partially cover themselves.

Many new clients feel anxious about their massage appointment due to various factors such as the dress code and what to expect. This is why we will explain what you should wear to a massage, as your level of dress is important to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

What Should You Wear While Having a Massage?

Just before the massage starts, your therapist will first talk about the health condition of your body, such as pregnancy and injuries, and they will also help you choose the appropriate massage technique. After that, you will be told to remove your dress and placed it on a table while a blanket covers you.

Although some therapists recommend that you remove all of your jewelry and undergarments so that the massage will not interfere with your delicate skin, not all massage requires it.

Clothes On Massage

While it is possible to get a massage with your clothes on, a professional therapist can still perform the procedure regardless of your appearance. The benefits of this technique can be enjoyed while you are wearing clothes; however, you might need to gain the additional detail that comes with full muscle contact from a massage therapist. In addition, keep in mind that oil or lotion can be applied to your skin to reduce friction.

Half Body Clothes On

Although there are many people who choose to remove clothing during a massage to maintain their modesty, the exact amount of clothing that they should wear depends on their comfort level. This is because, depending on their comfort level, a massage therapist may be able to provide an effective and relaxing session without wearing too much clothing. However, if you have a specific area that needs to be covered, you might not be able to enjoy the full experience.

Full Body Naked During a Massage

Full Body Naked During a Massage

For someone who wants to experience a full-body massage, a full-body naked client can benefit from having their therapist perform long strokes. But, if you are not comfortable going completely nude, the massage therapist will use various methods to ensure that your private parts are completely covered, such as by using sheets over the table.

Even if you are fully naked or semi-clothed, your massage therapist may use towels to ensure that you respect their professionalism and modesty. Some therapists use towels during dry massage techniques to maintain a deeper pressure without putting too much pressure on their hands, as massage oil or lotion can slip.

Although there is no one answer to this question, it is still important to ensure that the clothes you choose are comfortable and not too restrictive. Some people prefer to sport a T-shirt or wear pants that are loose, while others prefer to dress down with fewer clothes.

Is it Really Necessary to Remove all Clothing While Having a Massage?

Removing all clothes at once is optional if you just want to feel comfortable, and even if you are wearing a certain garment or not, it is still important to speak up if you are not feeling comfortable. This can help your therapist adjust their technique.

Moreover, If you are still hesitant to do so, remind yourself that you are paying for their services.

What To Expect to Massage and How Can You Prepare?

If you are planning on having a massage for the first time or are just getting started, there are many questions about how to prepare for it.

Some of these include what to wear, how to get ready, and whether or not you should get completely naked. Fortunately, many of these questions are already addressed.

For instance,

  • You do not need to wear makeup as it is likely to get smeared on the massage table. This is a relaxing massage, so you don’t need to get super ready. So, if you are planning on doing it, stick to minimal make-up or bring a fresh face.
  • While you are waiting for your massage, feel free to wear whatever clothes you want. Some people only wear their underwear during the session, while others don’t mind if they strip. However, It is still important to remember that a massage is about your comfort, so choose what feels right for you.
  • Before your massage appointment, avoid getting too full. You might end up lying on your stomach for a couple of hours. Even though you’re eating normally throughout the day, avoid indulging too much before your session begins.

What is Better, Naked or Fully Dressed?

Deciding on the right massage therapy for yourself can be a bit challenging, especially since there are so many different types. For instance, before you start, it is important to think about what you want to wear during the treatment.

If you are just looking to reduce stress, or if you are suffering from a tight or painful head, then you do not need to remove your dress and just comfortably get a massage.

What are the Things That You Should Know Before Going to a Massage?

Getting ready for a massage can be an enjoyable way to get some relaxation. But, before you start, you might have a few questions about the procedure, such as what clothes to wear and how far to go undressed. This section will give you everything you need to know about massage etiquette.

  • You should wear loose clothes that you can easily remove and put back on for your massage.
  • During your appointment, make sure that you choose what makes you comfortable. You can either go bare or put on underwear while receiving a massage.
  • Before you start, take a shower to prepare for the day. Also, drink plenty of water and avoid overeating.
  • While in session, talk to your therapist about your goals. You should also be comfortable talking about your feelings during the appointment.

What to Wear Before Going to a Massage Appointment?

You should choose an outfit that will allow you to quickly put on and take off. For a more high-end look, try a tank top or a mini-dress or a loose-fitting garment such as a romper. You should avoid wearing anything that is too loose or tight, as oil or lotion will likely be on your skin after your massage.

Furthermore, before your massage appointment, secure your hair using a scrunchie or clip. This will allow the therapist to work on your hair without causing it to get oily.


Wearing loose-fitting clothes is the best way to ensure that you are comfortable during your treatment. Although many usually wear gym clothes because they are easy to slip on and off, It is also important to avoid wearing anything that is too tight, as there is a chance that some oil from your skin will transfer to your clothes after your treatment.

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