L-TRACK VS. S-TRACK – Understand The Differences For Massage Chairs


L-Track vs. S-Track

When it comes to massage chairs, there is S-Track and L-Track massage chair. There is a difference between L-Track vs. S-Track massage chairs and we will understand each one so you can determine which one will suit you best!

As we all know, massage chairs are not cheap. It is something that requires enough savings in order to purchase one. That is why it is important to gather all the information first about what you should consider like the brand, functions, features, benefits, and the type of track, and make a wise decision on which is the best to purchase. In this way, you can get the best value for your investment and you will not regret spending your money!

But aside from knowing the benefits that massage chairs can give, it is essential to learn about which type of track you will opt for. Most buyers wonder about what type of track to consider between L-Track vs. S-Track.

In this article, we will cover everything about the L-track massage chair and S-track massage chair so you can decide which one is better. Also, if you do not have any idea about the track system of massage chairs, then this is for you!

Let us dive into it! But first …

What are Roller Tracks?

The Roller Track System is something to do with the rollers that are tapping and knocking your back when you sit on a massage chair. In other words, roller tracks are mechanisms found inside the massage chairs and they function to massage your back once you sit and turned on the chair. No matter what are the types of massage techniques that your chair can offer, but as long as it is a roller-based massage chair then you will experience the roller track system making its functions on your back.

Roller-based massage chairs have roller tracks that go downward and upward from your head to your low back and sometimes up to your waist and buttocks. The rollers are tapping and knocking your back while it moves up and down. The roller tracks are the one responsible for massaging your back when you sit on the chair.

The Roller Track System of the massage chairs does the work on your back, specifically on your spinal area that can create massage techniques like kneading and tapping. Roller tracks have two main types—the L-Track and S-Track. However, there is also a hybrid type, which is called the S/L Track. You can differentiate these types of track based on their paths where the rollers move as it massages your back. Let us find out more about each one in the following sections.

What is S-Track?

S-Track Massage Chair

S-Tracks are the standard type of tracks in massage chairs nowadays. In short, most massage chairs today feature an S-Track system.

The term “S-Track” is derived from the Sinusoidal shape of the spine. Since our spine is naturally curved, the S-Track massage chairs follow the shape of our spine. We can say that a massage chair is one of the best when it features an S-Track roller system. Usually, its size ranges from 28 to 31 inches long.

The rollers in the S-Track massage chairs move up and down and retract to massage the middle back up to the tailbone area. After, rollers will move forward following the lower back. If you have seen a straight track before that are present in older massage chairs, it might leave some parts that rollers cannot reach, but in S-track, every corner and part of your back are massaged.

The strength of the S-Track system is it can massage deeper your head, neck, down to your lower back. However, in the S-Track, the rollers will not go down to your buttock.

Therefore, if your main problem is a pain in your neck and back, this will be perfect for you! In addition, this track is much cheaper than L-Track massage chairs.

What is L-Track?

Massage chair L-Track moves in an L-shape way. Basically, it creates an L-Shape movement in your back when you sit on an L-Track massage chair. This track system is a newer version of massage chairs and the updated version of the S-Track system.

Since S-Track follows the shape of the spine, the same goes with the L-Track system but the difference is their endpoint. L-Track elongates further going to the seat’s area to massage the lower parts of your back so the rollers move from your head to your hamstrings. In fact, L-Track was also called Extended Roller Track. Also, not all massage chairs have this L-Track roller system so it is kind of pricey than our usual S-Track massage chairs.

In previous models of massage chair L-Track, only the airbags do the functions of massage. But after innovations, the L-Track system also features the rollers to do the entire functions of the massage chairs. If you were the type of person suffering from sore butt muscles, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, or any condition that affects the lower parts of your back, then L-track massage chairs would be ideal for you!

What is S/L Track?

From its name S/L Track, it is basically a hybrid type of Roller track system. The two main types of massage chair tracks are S-Track and L-Track, but as technology innovates; here comes the S/L Track.

When you are searching for massage chairs, you have probably crossed the word “S/L Track.” This may not confuse you, as it is only the combination of the two main types of tracks. It means that the SL Track massage chairs feature both S-Track and L-Track system.

In a way, the SL Track system is an advanced version of S-Track but its rollers move in the areas where the L-Track system massages. L-Track massage chairs are pricier than S-Track recliners, but if you want to have them both in one, then an SL Track would be perfect!

Tips When Choosing a Massage Chair Track

When choosing a massage chair track to purchase, it really lies in your opinion and what you know best for your condition. But if you do not have an idea on which type to choose, then you need to consider these factors:


It is important that you can get the comfort that you deserve after purchasing a pricey investment. If you do not have any specific condition like sciatica or piriformis syndrome, then just opt for a massage chair that can provide you with ultimate comfort and massage.

For sure, one of your main reasons why you want to purchase a massage chair is to relax your body after a tiring day at work or after doing your household chores. So, when buying, especially if you’re going to buy in the physical store, you can sit down and feel it.

See if your curve and shapes will fit the massage chair. You can check zero gravity massage chairs in the market; it is one of the most popular types of massage chairs nowadays.

Massage Strength

Since the roller tracks mostly do the entire work while you are sitting in a massage chair, then you need to check if the strength of the massage is what you are looking for.

Aside from considering the roller track system present, the strength of how rollers massage your back or the intensity you are looking for is met. Regardless of the track system, massage chairs sometimes feature smaller rollers but with strong movements while others provide light intensity and point-specific massage technique.

Body Condition

When choosing a massage chair track, consider your body condition. What parts do you want to have the massage more often? Do you have any muscle pain in a particular region in your back that you want to be massaged regularly?

If you have such a condition, then you should opt for the track that can cover or reach the areas or parts of your back that you want to ease the pain or sores. If you are only concerned with your upper back then an S-Track is good for you, but if you need some massage on your lower back and down further, then An L-Track is perfect!


Of course, this is the first thing that we get to consider when buying. If you already have a specific track system that you want to buy then that’s good. If otherwise, an S-Track is not so expensive unlike the L-Track and SL Track massage chairs.

L-Track vs. S-Track: Which one to choose?

Since we have already differentiated the L-Track and S-Track, which one would you consider best?

Based on the areas covered that roller tracks can reach, then L-Track is undeniably better than S-Track massage chairs. For example, you are having sore butt muscles, often, then it is advisable to choose the massage chairs with an L-Track system as the roller tracks can reach your butt.

Unlike S-Track massage chairs, it can only reach your lower back. If you are working and requiring you to sit for long hours, then it is really ideal to have an L-Track massage chair to massage your glutes or hips to eases the pain.

On the other hand, S-Track would be ideal for people having pains in their neck or back regions. If your problem only lies in such areas, then you do not have to opt for an L-Track massage chair. You do not have to spend more money to buy an L-Track chair unless you have the budget.

Choosing the best track system not only lies in its functions and features but also if the chair you are considering will be suitable for your condition. If you are eyeing a massage chair to help ease a particular pain, then choose the one that has the functions that cover your concern.

Just remember, the S-Track massage chairs have rollers moving from your neck down to your lower back while the L-Track has rollers moving from your neck down to your glutes or hamstrings, but it varies considerably depending on the model of massage chairs you are going to purchase.

Final Words

There you have it! Since you already understand what is L-Track and S-Track massage chairs, then this will be the time to think of what really suits you best.

Aside from the price, consider choosing the one that can make the best out of your investment. Honestly, it is not about which track is better. It should be which track will suit your condition the best.

But, if you are going to ask me, then I will opt for an L-Track massage chair or an SL-Track. Not because an S-Track is not good but L-Track or S/L Track reaches more parts of our back.

They can cover almost your whole back down to the lower parts. However, you might as well ready your budget for such kinds of chairs as they come expensive!

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