How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair ?


Many people are into massage therapy nowadays. But instead of hiring a massage therapist or going to massage spas, many people prefer to use massage chairs. In fact, massage chairs like zero gravity are getting very popular these days and there are different kinds of recliners available in the market today.

If you are not that familiar with how massage chairs help your health, it is also a way to ease back pains, muscle pains, anxiety, stress, sports injuries, and any other kinds of pain. In short, massage chairs can help you to relax your body from exhausting day-to-day activities such as workouts and exercise, as well as to keep your body at ease from a tiring workday.

This is very convenient as you just need to sit and the chair will do its function. You do not have to call for a massage therapist nor go to spas just get your body feel the comfort and relaxation. However, you still need to know how often should you use a massage chair. For your information, too much use of massage chairs may also have some negative effects on your body.

This article will explain this all to you in detail. Let us start!

How Often Should You Use A Massage Chair?

If you have your massage chair, or you are planning to buy one, one of the questions that will pop up on your mind is, “can you overuse a massage chair?”

Straightforwardly, you can use the massage chairs any time you need them. When it comes to the frequency of using the chair, it varies depending on the body parts that you wish or need to massage. Just for example, if you have lower back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, the ideal usage time is at least 3 times per week and 4 times per week as the maximum. With these sessions, you can rest assured that you can have the maximum effectiveness of the therapy.

As for relieving stress, anxiety, or any other relaxation purposes, you can use the massage chairs once per week up to 3 times per week at a maximum. However, it is crucial to keep the 15 minutes massage session.

As we all know, since massage chairs are getting advance nowadays, there are some massage chairs models that have a built-in timer, which shuts down after your preferred time is over.

What Is The Ideal Duration Of Using A Massage Chair?

Massage chairs are naturally designed for bringing maximum benefits to your body. You can use it for short intervals for around 15 minutes, twice per day. This means that in just 15 minutes, you can already get the maximum comfort and relaxation.

Often, the 15-minute massage session using massage chairs can help ease your existing injuries, muscle and back pains, and even neck and head pains. Your head, neck, shoulder, down to your back and into your feet are massaged because if its rollers who does the job.

However, too much use of massage chairs is not good for your body. Though it can bring a lot of good benefits, there are also some downsides of overusing it. It is just enough to have a 15-minute massage every session. Then after every massage session, it is advisable to drink lots of water, which helps to remove toxins from your body.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Overusing Massage Chairs?

As massage chairs are designed to bring maximum comfort and relaxation to your body, it also helps in easing pains, stress, anxiety, and even injuries. However, you can achieve this when you use the chair properly and as recommended.

Just so you know, too much use of massage chairs may also bring some negative impacts on your body and nervous system, in particular. While you need to educate yourself on the proper way to use it, you also need to understand the negative effects of overusing massage chairs so you can avoid what you should.

When you use the massage chair properly, you may feel nothing but comfort, a relaxed body, and a stress-free mind. However, improper use or overusing it may lead to some bad effects on your body. What are those?


Instead of relieving the pains in your body, too much use of a massage chair can cause more pain to your body. When you are using the massage chair, the pressure you get from the massage like shiatsu or deep tissue massage can cause residual pain in your back when overused. Your nerves and muscle may get irritated when pressed too much by the massage chair.

Blood Circulation Problem

When you have problems in your blood circulation, too much use of the massage chair can make it worse. It is advisable to consult your doctor first before using any recliners so you know how often should you use a massage chair. In fact, overuse of the massage chair can aggravate your veins, which the blood runs through.


This is something crucial for people who are allergic to leather or any other materials, which the chair is made from. Prolonged hours of sitting in the massage chair can cause some allergic reactions to your body. If you know that, you have some sort of leather allergy, then better to wear clothing that covers your skin before you use the massage chair.


In a study conducted from a source, 1% of the test subjects experienced headaches within 12 hours after the massage session. However, those who experience has reported that their headaches are gone within the day or the 24 hours at most.

What Are The Things To Avoid When Using The Massage Chair?

When using recliners, aside from being aware of how should you often use a massage chair, you also need to bear in mind some things that you should avoid when using it. This way, you can properly use it without any potential danger not only to your health but to your safety as well.

Here are some things to avoid when using the massage chair:

Frequency of Usage

In order to achieve better results, you may need to consider the ideal duration of using the massage chairs. You can use the massage chair as much as needed, but not overdo it. Overusing the massage chair can lead to some bad effects on your body.


Massage chairs are electricity-operated. You need to ensure your safety so you need to plug the massage chair into the outlet directly. Take note that you should plug the massage chair into the extension as it may cause a short circuit. When you are not using it, then better to unplug it, most especially when you are cleaning it to avoid electrocution.

Do Not Move So Much

While you are in a massage session, do not move too much. This may give you some strain. As much as possible, just sit back and relax your body. You may also turn on soothing music. This way you can relax not just your body, but your mind as well.

Do Not Eat While Massaging

You should not eat while the massage is ongoing. In fact, this is a golden rule when it comes to using the massage chair. You may get an upset stomach right after when you try to do this. Just so you know, your blood pressure and heartbeat rise as the chair massages you.

Do Not Go Straight To Your Workout Right After

A massage session is not an advisable pre-ritual before doing your actual workout or exercise. After the massage session, you may need at least 5-10 minutes to make your body vitals stable before doing your thing.

Do Not Let Kids Sit on Your Lap

As kids tend to be curious about what is going on, there are some cases that they will want to sit with you in the massage chair. Do not let them! It is not advisable to let your child sit on your lap during the massage session.

It can disrupt the balance of your weight when you sit on a chair. When the weight increases, the pressure of the massage increases too, and may it cause to disturb your vitals.

The Bottom Line

The massage chair can be your great companion after long hours of work or tiring day-to-day activities. Once you the massage chair, there is some magnet that makes you near the chair and sit to your heart’s content. However, it is not always a good idea to use it as much as you want.

It is ideal to use as much as needed with the proper usage in mind. If you are wondering,“can you overuse the massage chair?” The answer would be no! There are some bad effects, which you may get from too much use of the massage chair. You do not want to have more pain in your body and you do not want to disturb your body’s vitals.

Now you know what is right, then you may now enjoy your massage session!

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