How Much Weight A Massage Table Can Hold?


Ever wonder how much weight does a massage table hold? If you are curious about this matter, you’re at the right place! Keep reading to find out more.

Usually, the manual or instructions of a massage table will tell you this information. Meanwhile, It should generally be able to hold a client weighing 250 pounds. However, if you’ll be lifting a heavier client, such as a 250-pound celebrity, then the ideal weight capacity should start at 350 pounds.

If you plan on using the same table for a long time, then you should get a model that has a capacity of 700 pounds. Even if the table can handle 1500 pounds of force, focusing on the most substantial parts of the frame will still increase the likelihood of damaging the other parts.

Is There A Weight Limit On All Massage Tables?

So, you also might want to know the massage table weight limit before actually using or purchasing one for your practice. Sometimes, a massage therapist or an acupuncturist will be worried about the strength of their massage table to support all the clients that they will handle. This is because no one wants to have an accident during their treatments.

Meanwhile, The average working weight of a massage table is around 350 pounds. In most cases, the weight limit may vary depending on the product or brand your massage table is. But, in general, a standard massage table can hold up to 350 pounds of weight.

What Is The Difference Between Static And Working Weights?

massage table weight limit

To fully understand how much weight can a massage table hold, let’s know more about Static and Working weights.

Working Weights

The working weight of a table massage refers to the weight that the equipment will hold in addition to the added pressure and weight it provides. It is often stated as a safe working load or a normal working load. Due to the innovations in technology, as well as the materials used in making massage tables, the working weight of these products has increased from 250 to 350 pounds in recent years. With a good frame design and the proper processing skills, these tables can handle up to 500 pounds of working load.

Static Weights

A table’s capacity is indicated by its ability to accommodate a certain amount of weight. In other words, it could be used to accommodate a heavy item or a heavier client. Static weight is the weight that’s held by the body, while the rest of the weight is stationary.

It could be up to 2,000 pounds for a standard portable massage table. The weight is evenly spread over the top of the counter. In most cases, the four corners and the middle seam can carry more weight than the other parts of the table. This figure does not include the capacity of the table itself. It is simply a guide to determine how strong the object is.

Aside from being strong, a massage table can also be used for relaxing and therapeutic purposes. Also, it is crucial to remember that a proper wooden frame will give a better balance to the table’s weight. A portable massage table is typically strong enough to last a long time. However, if you do not want to use it for a long time, a stationary one is a better choice.

Which Table Is Stronger And Able To Hold More Weight? Portable Vs. Stationary Massage Table

Stationary tables are great for strength training. They can support heavy weights thanks to their bulkier build. However, portable massage tables are very useful for home or office visits. They can be easily carried around and are light enough to fit in most places.

Undoubtedly, a stationary massage table is stronger than a portable one due to its folds. Also, the materials used are lighter, which makes them lighter.

Meanwhile, Portable massage tables are very sturdy and can accommodate up to 500 pounds.

What Is The Stronger Material For A Massage Table?

A good choice is usually a wooden frame or an aluminum frame. Both are strong and are more inviting to customers because the most crucial component of any massage table is its ability to provide effective and efficient massage therapy.

If you wonder what a good and more robust material for a massage table is, then picking the proper width of the table is one of the things you should consider. There are a variety of body types that you will come across in your practice. Some clients may be tall, short, or some are wide. Your massage table should be durable and wide enough to accommodate all of these body types. The best width for a table depends on many factors, including your training and ability. We usually speak to smaller and taller therapists who have different ideas.

If you have a smaller body built, then a 28″ wide table might be better for you. If you are taller, then a 30-32″ wide table is better for you. You can get an idea of what size the tables are by going to your local therapy or training college. There are a variety of tables to choose from, so ask around. Cut out some cardboard in the width that you are trying to get. Lay them over the kitchen counter and lean them over.

Height Of The Table

Having the proper length of your table can make a massive difference in the comfort of your clients. If you’re planning on getting a shorter model, try getting one that has an adjustable face cradle. This feature can add up to 9″ to the total length of the table. For mobile therapists, a shorter table can mean that you’ll be carrying around less weight. However, it can also mean that taller clients will find it difficult to get over the end of the table. In some ways, you just have to choose a table with adjustable height.

A good massage table should have a variety of height settings so that it can accommodate varying levels of clients. The ideal height for modern massage tables is typically 23 to 33.” This range works for most therapists.

Stand up straight, keeping both of your arms by your side. As you close your fists, measure the distance between your elbows and the floor. Set up your massage table to that distance. Generally, if more than one therapist works on the same massage table, you would only be able to set its height according to the number of clients using it. However, if you have a client with a different body depth, you might need to adjust it.


There you have it! By this time, you already know the basics about the massage table weight limit and how much weight does a massage table can hold. If the product doesn’t have a weight capacity, it should be considered a different product.

This is a red flag that hints us something about the capacity of the product. If you take advantage of the reviews that people give you, please do so with the utmost care. Some companies pay big bucks to have favorable reviews posted on those major review sites.

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