Does Head Massage Help Concussion?


Does head massage help concussion? One fact, it can take up to 10 days for people to fully recover from a concussion. Although there is currently not enough evidence supporting the use of craniosacral head massage therapy for concussions, anecdotal evidence shows that it can help improve the quality of life for those suffering from these conditions. This head massage uses a gentle touch to the back and head to relieve tension.

The presence of head injuries and concussions can affect the function of the membranes, plates, and ligaments in the skull, which allow the free flow of fluids. Craniosacral therapy can help restore these functions. Various types of CST ( Craniosacral Therapy) involve subtle movements in one’s body to help resolve trauma. These techniques promote the function of the nervous system.

Does Head Massage Really Help Concussion?

One critical factor that can help heal a concussion is rest. According to experts, regular massage therapy can help decrease the swelling in the head and help prevent headaches and other symptoms of the disorder. It can also help lower the pressure on the brain, which can cause headaches.

In fact, a concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs when a person gets hit in the head. It usually does not cause life-threatening symptoms. It is caused by a head hit, jolt, or blow. Aside from treating the symptoms of a concussion, massage therapy can also help alleviate the neck and shoulder tension caused by a head injury.

Aside from treating the symptoms of a concussion, a concussion head massage can also help reduce anxiety and depression. It can also help individuals who have symptoms of post-concussion syndrome.

Can A Massage Make A Concussion Worse?

When the football season begins, it is that time of year when people start talking about concussions. Whether professional athletes or high school students, concussions have become a widespread topic of conversation. Well, it can take some time to heal, but head massage therapy can help with the recovery process.

Dizziness is a common symptom of concussion. It can be perilous, as it can appear out of the blue. If you suffer from this condition, it can be hard to function in most areas of your life. Fortunately, head massage therapy can help relieve tension and improve your mood.

The most common cause of concussions is a blunt force to the head. It can happen simultaneously with other injuries such as spinal and neck strains. When these injuries occur, they can trigger muscle tension and put pressure on the head, leading to worse symptoms.

Also, one critical factor that can help you recover from a concussion is relaxation. Having a break from your busy schedule is also essential to help keep your mind and body feeling rested. However, if you have suffered from a concussion, you should consider getting to a doctor.

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How Soon Can I Get A Massage After A Concussion?

Usually, you need to avoid getting a head massage immediately right after a concussion. Since it’s a type of injury that occurs when you hit your head, it causes a disruption in the way the brain works. Also, it can lead to loss of consciousness, though this usually does not happen. It can also cause mental fatigue, as the brain has to work harder to complete simple tasks.

Moreover, a blood clot can form in the brain after a person has suffered a concussion. It can affect the skull and cause bleeding. If the symptoms of a concussion worsen, such as worsening headaches or seizures, a patient should immediately go to the emergency department. Aside from these, other conditions such as fatigue, slurred speech, and weakness in the legs and arms can also affect a person’s response.

About 80 percent of people with concussions recover in about seven to 14 days. They should not return to activities or sports until they are completely healed. A person recovering from a concussion has two or three phases.

A person recovering from a concussion has two or three phases. Depending on the injury’s severity, they may experience a recovery of varying levels.

Acute Phase

The acute phase is the first time a person experiences symptoms after suffering a concussion. It can last for a week or more. During this period, the brain receives physical and mental rest to recover. For people suffering from a concussion, taking a break from school or work is often recommended to help decrease their symptoms. It can help prevent the brain from getting too busy. Doing so will help decrease the effects of the injury on various cognitive processes.

Recovery Phase

The recovery phase is when the patient feels better after suffering a concussion. It can usually be characterized by improvement in the patient’s physical condition, such as reducing headaches. However, it can also be difficult to return to academic activities due to the effects of the concussion.

If you have had a concussion, avoid using electronic devices such as smartphones and computers while driving or playing video games. Doing so can make the recovery process harder.

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To Sum Up

So, does head massage help concussion? The answer, although most people recover quickly from a concussion, some will experience symptoms that last for a couple of days or weeks. Others may experience long-term effects such as headaches and memory loss. A head massage can help concussions, but it does not cure them. Remember that you should not have a head massage right away after suffering from a concussion. Most importantly, it’s always advisable to seek help from a medical professional for better treatment.

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