Can Massage Guns Help With Tight Hamstrings?


A massage gun is an apparatus that uses vibration to massage the muscles. It is commonly used for treating various conditions such as strained hamstrings. Although they can be used on any muscle group, these massagers are especially helpful for treating tight hamstrings.

Hamstrings are often targeted for massage guns due to how tight they are. And this can result in various issues, such as lower back and hip pain. Having tight hamstrings can decrease your range of motion and cause problems when performing specific exercises. It can also lead to various postural issues.

Using a massage gun can help relieve pain and improve the function of your hamstring muscles. In this article, we will discuss using a massage gun to treat hamstring pain.

What is a Hamstring Tightness?

A hamstring is a group of muscles that extend the hips and bend the knee. It comprises three muscles: the semimembranosus, the biceps femoris, and the semitendinosus. The origin point of these muscles is located in the ischial tuberosity.

The Hamstring muscle is a vital part of every lower limb movement and plays a significant role in all kinds of activities. It is also the most common fatigue point for people who are involved in athletics.

More about Hamstring Tightness

The hamstring is a complex system that consists of multiple activities, such as knee and hip rotation, knee and hip flexion, and tibial rotation. It is commonly injured during various sports, such as football, tennis, and cricket.

Poor posture, overwork, and improper training are some of the factors that can decrease flexibility and increase the tightness of the hamstring muscles. When performing athletic activities, the hamstring muscles absorb a large amount of force to make the movement smooth. This force can then lead to strained or torn muscles.

The statistics show the most common training injuries that the RFU recorded in 2019. The most common injury was the hamstring muscle, which had an incident rate of 0.39 per thousand hours of training.

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What Are The Causes?

●  The long period of sitting in one position

Some of the causes of tight hamstrings can be caused by sitting for a long time. For instance, if you’re sitting with your knees bent, your hamstrings might become tight.

Working in a sedentary job can lead to tight hamstrings. To avoid this, try shifting your seating position every 15 minutes. You can also do some stretching and walk around.

● Overfatigue of the muscles

Running can cause tight hamstrings. When you exert too much effort while running, your hamstrings tend to work harder to push you forward. Overuse of these muscles can also lead to tight hamstrings.

●     Not enough stretching

Most people do not stretch their hamstrings as often as they should, which can cause them to tighten up. Doing so before or after a workout can also cause these muscles to contract. This is why keeping warm and cool-down exercises in mind is essential.

●     Some hamstring tightness is genetic.

Some people have tight hamstrings since birth. This is because their hamstrings are shorter than those of other people. Children and women are often more supple than men.

When Do You Need To Use a Massage Gun?

The use of a massage gun is also beneficial for deep tissue massage because it can produce very effective results.

The use of a percussion vibration helps promote the release of specific muscle knots and trigger points during a run. It can also help improve the flexibility and strength of the legs after strenuous exercise.

Using a massage gun helps ease the discomfort caused by various conditions such as back and neck pain. It can also help prevent the normal range from being restricted.

There are various types of muscle pain that can be caused by exercises, such as soreness and fatigue. A massage gun should be used at high speed and with a strong stimulus to relieve these conditions.

How You Can Properly Use a Massage Gun To Treat Tightness of Hamstring?

  • A good head attachment for a percussion massage gun is essential. A round head or a prong head will do the job.
  • The gun should be adjusted in such a way that it can reach the back of the thigh. Turning the gun on while performing this exercise will ensure that it does not injure the target muscle.
  • The massage gun should be used with a uniform speed and should glide gently over the target area. You can also use a slower pace or a less rounded head attachment to maintain the pressure. For best results, bend the leg and repeat the massage at the trigger points for around 1 to 2 minutes.

Benefits of Using a Massage Gun To Your Hamstrings?

The body compensates for low oxygen levels by converting lactic acid into energy. However, since this process tends to take longer than it can burn off, we can end up feeling tired and sore.

After a workout, vibration therapy can help remove the buildup of lactic acid from the muscle. Also, it can help decrease the risk of muscle soreness. A massage gun can be used to relieve the tight feeling that can occur after a prolonged exercise.

It helps improve the circulation of blood.

A massage gun can help improve the blood flow to the muscles and help them flush out toxins. Also, it can help relieve muscle soreness and speed up recovery. This benefit is beneficial for people who are recovering from strenuous exercise, as it allows them to move their hamstrings even faster.

It helps relieve DOMS.

The condition known as DOMS (short for delayed onset muscle soreness) is a type of muscle soreness that can last for more or less 72 hours after a hard training session. It can be triggered by various factors such as stress and fatigue. In 2014, a study revealed that vibration therapy can reduce the severity of muscle soreness in participants.

It helps improve the range of motion.

A study conducted in 2011 revealed that vibration therapy can help improve the range of motion in the hamstring muscles, which can help prevent injuries such as strains. It also helps maintain proper posture and prevent injuries.

Friendly Reminder

Before you start using a massage gun, you must have the proper knowledge about how to use it. This will allow you to relieve muscle soreness and improve the quality of your life.

For most people, the big round head attachment is the best choice when it comes to getting their hamstrings massaged. It covers a large surface area, which helps minimize the impact of the massage. Another option is to use the flat head, which is ideal for deeper work.

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Before using a massage gun to treat tight hamstrings, make sure that it’s hitting the muscle properly. Also, ensure the gun is not hitting the muscle in the wrong way. Use the flat head or the ball attachment for more effective results. These are designed to massage large muscle groups, such as the hamstrings. For deeper issues, such as tight knots, use the fork or bullet attachment.

Don’t use too much pressure while using a massage gun. It can be very powerful, and you don’t want to injure yourself. To start, apply light pressure and massage the affected area for about 15 seconds.

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