Can Massage Gun Cause Blood Clots?


Massage guns can cause various health conditions, such as nerve damage and organ dysfunction, when used incorrectly. It is important to note that untrained users of these tools could be at risk for injuries. Overuse or inappropriate use could lead to more harm.

Although, it seems like the topic of whether or not one should use a massage gun when dealing with blood clots has become a controversial one. Depending on the information you gather from different sources, your own opinion might turn out to be different. Some believe that it can help break down clots, while others claim that it can actually cause them.

What Exactly is a Massage Gun and How Does it Work?

What Exactly is a Massage Gun and How Does it Work?

A compact and small massage gun that is similar to a drill. It comes with various attachments and speeds that can relieve soreness. There are also a variety of alternative names for these types of tools, such as percussion-based or vibratory. These tools have been around for a long time.

Besides reducing the pain level, massage can also help increase circulation and stimulate the development of muscle tissue. Studies have shown that it can reduce the duration of muscle soreness, which can occur for up to 72 hours long following an intense exercise session. In addition, using massage can speed up the recovery process in certain areas of the body. Find out here the best time to use a massage gun!

Do Massage Gun Safe to Use?

There is a lot of saying regarding how beneficial and safe a percussion massage device can be, but this will talk about its harmful effects. It could be very dangerous for some people, and for others, it could cause more health issues.

As you read through, you’ll know the various disadvantages of massage guns and the ins and outs of using a percussion massage device. With this in mind, you can hopefully come away with a good idea of whether or not it is the right choice for your needs.

Although a massage gun can be safely used by a competent user, people who do not have experience in using a massage gun might experience issues with improper handling. The constant pressure or vibration from the device might cause tissue damage and soreness.

What Kind of Damages Can a Massage Gun Cause to People?

There are a lot of risks associated with using a massage gun. One of these is the risk of blood clots, which can occur when vessels break. Bruises and blood can then spill out into the muscular tissue as the vessel ruptures.

1. Damage to Skin

We all know that the dermis is the primary layer of the skin, which protects the internal organs of our body. It can be affected by massage techniques and tools. Also, below the epidermis, there are numerous blood vessels and nerves; even though these skin components are protected, their protective coating changes depending on age, health, and gender.

If you are young with a muscular body or have thick skin, you can use a massage gun with its high-frequency vibrations. However, for some people with soft and sensitive skin, the lowest setting might need improvements.

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2. Damage to Skeletal Muscle/Blood Vessel

Compared to body fat, skeletal muscle is way thicker and heavier. It is made up of myosin, actin, and protein. The protective sheath of fibrous web-like tissue known as the fascia is also present in skeletal muscle.

The superficial layer of connective tissue known as fascia is around every organ, muscle, blood vessel, nerve fiber, bone, and bone. It is formed by the movement of our body’s tissues and is held in place by the surrounding structures. When you bump into this area, it can lead to inflammation, bruising, and blood vessel damage.

The goal of massage is to improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen into our muscles. Through this process, our body can stimulate the development of new muscle cells and improve the appearance of the skin. Firm up and down strokes are also delivered to various organs and blood vessels.

3. Nerve Damage and Muscle Contraction

The effects of massage gun therapy tools can trigger unwanted messages to our brain from the skin’s nerve endings. These strong impulses can cause your blood pressure and heart rate to increase.

In addition, when our neuron fires a fight or flight signal, the muscles will respond by contracting. However, increased muscle contractions are not effective when the muscles are trying to relax.

Can Massage Gun Threat Users’ Life?

According to a study conducted on a Chinese woman, a massage gun caused her to suffer from rhabdomyolysis, a type of muscle disorder. It can be triggered by various activities, such as over-exercise. Chiropractic adjustments can help promote healing.

Although we know that a deep tissue massage can help promote deep healing, it can also cause damage to the soft tissue of our body, which can lead to severe injury. This is why it is important to use a percussion massage device only when recommended by an expert.

Do Massage Gun Good For You?

A massage gun can help relieve inflammation and pain. It is a lot quicker than other therapy methods, and you will find it yourself while using it more frequently as you recover from your injuries. While you still use other methods of therapy, such as stretching and foam rolling, You will find that using a massage gun can speed up your recovery.

However, if you have blood clots, you might want to avoid using massage gun equipment. It can also be harmful to your health due to various other issues, such as bruising and blood pressure medication.

Do Massage Gun Good For You?

If you have this kind of condition, you should avoid using a massage gun and consult a doctor first. It could be harmful to your health if you have blood clotting problems. On the other hand, most people do not have any concerns about using massage guns.

Although, one of the biggest disadvantages of using a massage gun is that it requires you to hold a static pressure on a certain point in order to release it. This is because a massage gun will not release without this pressure for a certain amount of time.

But, you will like using a massage gun for all-around massage, as it allows you to break up your soft tissue and muscles in a quick manner. However, it is less effective than releasing trigger points.

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So, Can Massage Gun Cause Blood Clots?

Although a massage gun is not recommended for most people, you need to avoid using a massage gun if you have blood clotting issues. Even though it is not good for everyone, it can be helpful for those who suffer from blood clotting.

The term percussion refers to the way it can trigger blood flow, and some types of massage devices can move at speeds of up to 3,000 revolutions per minute.

So, if you are one of those who are prone to experiencing blood clots, then you could also end up releasing blood clots into your bloodstream. This could be very dangerous and life-threatening.

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There are different factors to keep in mind when using a percussion massage device. While most people will not experience any issues using this product, it can be hazardous for some individuals. Another disadvantage of this product is that some people believe it can replace other massage methods.

Aside from regular physical therapy sessions, sports massage, and other rehabilitation procedures can also add up quickly. One single purchase of a massage gun can allow you to save a lot of money over time. Before using the product, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.

Furthermore, massage guns are less powerful than other types of massage tools, and they can still perform certain functions that other devices cannot. But, if you are planning on getting one, we highly recommend avoiding buying a top-of-the-line model and instead going for a less expensive one.

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