Can Massage Chairs Hurt your Back?


The service of massage chairs is increasing quickly among health enthusiasts. Many people want to attain a chair to help them gain their fitness goals. A massage chair like a zero gravity massage chair can give flexible benefits and helps maintain good physical condition. When a person yields in exercising using a massage chair, you have to know its effect on your body. If you are wondering, can a massage chair hurt your back? Of course, it may slightly cause a strain or discomfort in the back because of various reasons.

If you keep using the massage chair unwisely, time after time, it may bring danger to your body. You are likely to suffer from a variety of health issues at the end of the day. To know everything thoroughly and prevent possible health risks, this article will give you tips on how to prevent back pains after using a massage chair. Let us start!

Ways To Prevent Back Pains When Using A Massage Chair

Back pain after massage chair

If you are experiencing some back pain after a massage chair session, then you might need to consider the following things:

Proper Maintenance Of The Massage Chair

 If your massage chair is solid and stable, you will not worry about all concerns that might happen. You just have to properly maintain the massage chair frequently to make it last longer. Once you look after your massage chair, you can see possible damages ahead that might affect your massage session. This way, your massage chair can serve you evidently.

In fact, the average lifespan of a massage chair is two to three years. But, good quality massage chairs can last up to five years. Moreover, when you use it carefully, it can give you more years of comfort. By providing your massage chair a surface cleaning, your chair will keep fresh, and you can also prevent the growth of dirt and build-up of debris. In addition, you have to use your chair on a regular basis, and you will be able to keep the internal components in good shape.

Avoid Prolonged Usage

 You can rest in an average massage chair with comfort for two hours. As we all know, using a massage chair can give you superior relaxation. But, using it for extended hours can cause a back sore after massage chair. Many people acquire a massage chair so they can feel so relaxed. However, too much usage of massage chairs can also hurt your back.

Moreover, it would be best to consider your massage chair environment. Do not place it where the sun shines through so you can rest without feeling the irritation of heat in your body. Putting your massage chair in a clean, fresh environment can help you feel more relaxed. In addition, do not forget to use the chair based on the recommended usage time so you can avoid backaches or pains after the session.

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Start With Mild Massage Intensity

 A massage chair usually sets pressure on your lower back and other muscles during the massage session. In fact, Back pain after massage chair can happen if you are not used to having a workout on your body. So, it is advisable to use mild pressure at first, especially for first-time users. In this way, it will not overwhelm your muscles, leaving your back to feel bruised after massage.

However, you do not have to feel bothersome if you experience some soreness or pain after a massage chair session. Usually, you may feel pain o discomfort after the first two to four hours, but eventually, your spine is going to get it and snap into shape. Therefore, if you are using a massage chair, it is recommended to start slowly at a slow pace.

For your first week of use, limit yourself up to two massage sessions only. Then slowly increase the sessions from two to three times per week. As your body feels accustomed to regular massages, you are free to use the massage chair more often as you would like (given that you are not getting the experience of excessive pain, soreness, or discomfort to your body, of course).

Know Exactly Where You Need the Massage

 If you want to get solace in using the chair and achieve your fitness goal, you need to know your upper body’s problematic areas. If you are dealing with damaged muscle and feel some lower back pain, you need to pay more attention to the severity. You should shortly stop the massage session for at least a couple of days for your muscle to get thoroughly fit before you proceed.

Moreover, if you feel some soreness in your feet, you have to go for a lower body massage considering your feet’ freight-bearing power. You also have to be aware of your muscle pain to get relief from all possible issues. If you can point out the spotted areas correctly, you will get a quick and better result.

Set Up the Chair Precisely

Every massage chair is equipped with various settings and functions. The accurate setup is essential to look out for a productive and safe massage session. If your chair has zero gravity technology, you have to set it up carefully to get everything going well manually. Obviously, since most massage chairs come with a user-friendly control system, this should be a quick and easy process. You just need to set the control to make the chair adaptable to your body.

Besides, survey all the techniques and features favorable to you to find optimal support. Also, try to keep away from unnecessary functions to set off your exercising habit more safely. If you are still asking, whether a massage chair hurt your back? It might, but with the proper use and maintenance of your massage chair, you can prevent it by using the appropriate setup based on your body condition.


Massage chairs are helpful for various reasons. Nowadays, massage chairs are a great alternative to human massage. Using massage chairs can bring comfort and benefits to your health. Regardless of the benefits, it can also be harmful to our bodies. Therefore, it is essential to know how to use and maintain it to get maximum relaxation properly.   

So, can a massage chair hurt your back? Yes, it may, but you can always prevent it from happening. You have to use it properly, with the correct setup and intensity, to get rid of all the problems you might encounter.

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